Does the Early Bird Really Get the Worm?

One day this Spring, my husband and I came home from somewhere, and noticed a drama of sorts as we pulled into the driveway.  There was a robin pecking the ground, so we wanted to see if he was going to get a worm.  He did.  But wait–what’s this?  He had an observer in the form of a sparrow that was watching a little too close for the robin’s comfort.  We watched as the real-life nature story played out.

Later on, I recorded the story in the form of a poem, as I’ve done with both important and mundane stories for a number of years.  That was when’d I realized this would make a good children’s story.  Wouldn’t it be interesting for the mother bird to use this to talk to her little birdlets about God!  Yes, the Bible tells us that God even sees when a sparrow falls.

Some little birds said to their ma,

“Tell a story, will you, huh?”

She said, “Listen, all of you.

I’ll tell you one I know is true.”

I used simple illustrations and bright colors so children of all ages will like it.

Here’s a personal note.  At the end of this book, the mother bird tells her baby birds that God is in charge.  I was  having trouble designing the cover for the print version of this book, and because I kept forgetting to save things, had to keep redoing the book description.  At the same time, there was a worry I had just acquired.  That worry was keeping me awake, so I worked on that book cover in the wee hours.  All of a sudden all the pieces of the puzzle of the design process slipped into place, so I went back to bed.  There was that worry again.  I had prayed about it, but continued to hang onto it.  In no time at all, God said to my worried mind, “I’ve got this.  I’m in charge.”  I had repeatedly typed that sentence–God is in charge.  Finally it sunk into my thick head and I was able to sleep.

The Kindle edition is currently available on Amazon, and the print edition will be out soon.


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