Children’s Bible Stories

A few months ago I decided to write children’s Bible stories.  Children need to start learning about God from the start.  They’re never too young, so I decided to write with the young ones in mind.I had written a poem telling one of the Bible stories several years ago when a coworker needed help with the upcoming Sunday’s lesson.  She liked mine better than the one in the children’s book she bought.  So I thought there’s no reason I couldn’t write more of them, illustrate them, and publish them.

Rather than just pick one here and there, I developed a plan.  A series of books would be a good idea.  I call the series “The Beginning to the End”.    The first book is “The First Week Ever”, and is the creation story.  Here’s an excerpt:

        God decided to make the world–

That’s what He would do.

First He made a big round ball,

And made it real dark blue.

The colorful pictures appeal to all children, and it’s easy for the ones as young as second graders to read.  It’s available on Amazon.


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