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Little drops of happiness—

Like the drops of dew,

They are all around us.

Here are just a few:

Flowers from my children

Clenched in tiny hands.

Still they bring them to me,

Though tall as I they stand.

Flowers in the garden

Bob their many heads;

Colors there are several

In their flower beds.

Birds drink at the birdbath

In our big back yard;

Colorful and lively,

They keep up their guard.

Little drops of happiness

We see every day.

Bow your head and thank our God

For sending them our way.

My first book of poetry bears the name of this poem.  I’ve written poetry ever since a friend who was a coworker challenged me.  Goodness, was that really over twenty years ago?  We each wrote poetry daily, bringing each day’s poetic musings to work to share with each other for sure, and often with all the rest of the night shift staff at the nursing home.    Over time, I composed many poems about virtually every aspect of my life.   Nothing was too ordinary or mundane to be committed to verse.  Eventually I put what I felt to be the best ones together into this book.


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